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Overcome Osteoarthritis with Ayurveda

Osteoarthritis is affecting SO MANY women now, who are mostly suffering in silence! It is predicted to become the 4th leading cause of disability world wide!


  • Maybe you are feeling tired every day because of the pain.

  • Do you struggle moving around?

  • You might be feeling frustrated because you cannot do anymore what you most love: hiking, gardening, play with your (grand) children?

  • If you are feeling frustrated with your osteoarthritis diagnosis and the traditional western treatment options?

  • You could also be struggling also with additional issues like sleeping, issues due to menopause or high cholesterol

Living with these health challenges can not only be painful but can become also isolating and lonely.

Hi I am Antje, I am happy you landed here!

I am an Ayurvedic and Orthomolecular health and lifestyle advisor and a yoga teacher.


I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in October 2019, at 49 years old, and I was struggling like you: I had to lay down after each little walk, I had problems to get to sleep because of the pain in my hip. I was in the believe that I was the next in generation getting Osteoarthritis and the only solution would be to wait for my time to get a hip replacement.


After a period of grief, I started studying Osteoarthritis from Ayurveda and also from other sources for natural treatments. So, I started to test and learn and tried new solutions. I changed my diet, changed my lifestyle and introduced herbs and supplements…. And 2 months later I was able to start running again!


I learned also that it is not easy to change habits. Having support, advice and someone to keep me on track to make the right choices has been an absolute game changer for me and is the only reason I am where I am today. 

What if I could offer advice and coaching to transform your life step by step towards a life full of energy where you could move freely around? By changing step by step your habits in nutrition and lifestyle? 


Would you instead like to feel full of energy again and being able to walk, run and go out with your loved ones and have fun?


This is how we could work together:

Tasse de boisson et un ordinateur portab

4 week online program

Starting 16 September 2021

Small commitment

Weekly webinar about Ayurveda and how to overcome Osteoarthritis by introducing nutritional and lifestyle changes

Travail en équipe

3 months group program

Starting 14 October 2021

Medium commitment

Moving step by step to an Ayurvedic lifestyle to overcome Osteoarthritis .

- Individual and group sessions.

- Community building with like-minded 


Individual program

Starting all year

Intensive commitment

Individual program fully customised to your needs

You will be guided step by step to find back a life full of energy

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